Clean and Shine

150.00 Baht

Clean and Shine is the fast and easy way to care for your precious silver jewelry and gold jewelry. By one cloth, you can remove tarnish and coat anti-tarnish to make your jewelry has lasting shine.

5 pieces.
 9 x 5.5 cm.

How to use
Polish directly on jewelry (use when jewelry is dry) Follow with dry clean cloth or tissue In case of wearing or containing food, rinse with water or clean with normal detergent If silver jewelry still be dirty, you can repeat whole process again, until it is cleaned After use please keep in packet and avoid touching with water or humidity Do not wash the cloth.

This Clean and Shine is impregnated with powder which when it is wiped on surface will get black. This powder could also bring the black stain at your finger or skin as well.
We would like to inform you that the type of power that we are selected is natural and non-harmful with human skin, so after use this cloth please wash your hand with soap or detergent.

Clean and Shine is made from 100% cotton impregnated with cleaner agent and anti-tarnish. This cloth remains effective as long as it is not washed.

Recommendation: For the pearls and gems decorated jewelry, please avoid directly wiping on gems and pearls. After use please keep in packet and avoid touching with water or humidity, sunlight and pets. Do not wash it. For sensitive skin, please wear gloves The used area will be turn black, when it is all-over in black means this cloth is expired.

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